24 - hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 405-917-9922 or 24 - hour Sexual Assault Hotline: 405-943-7273


Chief Executive Officer

  Janet Peery

Chief Financial Officer


Gwen Lang

Executive Assistant to the CEO

  Vi Mumford

Senior Officer of Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

  Karla Docter

Senior Officer of Children's Services

  Jennifer Thomas LPC

Senior Director of HR & Grants Administration

  Thala Wilson

Senior Director of Domestic Violence Crisis Services

  Angela Beatty

Senior Director of Specialized Training

  Brandon Pasley
Director of Shelter Operations
 Melanie Ferguson

Director of Quality Assurance

  Jill Peery

Director of Community Relations

  Katelynn Burns

Director of Facilities & Security

  David Watson

Director of Information & Technology

  Dwayne Moore

Director of Outreach, Education & Volunteer Services

  Mary Cornelsen

Director of Prevention Education


Rachele Eskridge

Director of Social and Economic Justice


Chelsey Branham

Director of Domestic Violence Advocacy


Anita Rydberg

Director of Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy

  Elizabeth Stoverink
Director of Forensic Exams
 Amanda Kemp

Director of Counseling Programs 

  Janet Patton

Marketing Coordinator

  Catherine Salazar

Coordinator of DVVAP Program

  Sara Wray

Events Coordinator

  Sami Grega

Grant Writer


Jodi Coats