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Group Special Projects

Coordinate a Special Project

Are you looking for ways that you and your group can help? You can coordinate a special project to benefit the YWCA! By partnering with the YWCA, your group can help raise much-needed funds and donated items for the battered women and children of Oklahoma County.

Types of Special Projects

Each Special Project is as unique as the group doing the project. Most projects fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Fundraisers – Do a project or host an event to raise funds to support the YWCA.
  • Collection Projects – Collect items needed by the women and children at the YWCA’s shelter.
  • Awareness Raisers – Raise awareness about the YWCA, domestic violence or child abuse.

Raising money to support the YWCA allows the services to be provided to women and children in need absolutely free of charge! The YWCA will help by providing you with a logo and talking points to tell people why you are raising money to help. All funds must be provided to the YWCA and tax receipts will be sent to individual donors.

Collection Projects
Collection projects help the YWCA to provide urgently needed items to women and children at the shelter, as well as providing items for use by the YWCA and its staff. This helps to ensure that funding can be used for vital programs like counseling, support groups and education classes. Collect items over time and bring them to the YWCA. They will be used to help women and children who literally have nothing of their own.

Awareness Raisers
Raising awareness about the YWCA and the issues we support is extremely important. When you help tell other people about the YWCA or the issues of domestic violence or child abuse, you are helping the YWCA reach out to even more women who might need our help!

How to Get Started

Start your group special project today by taking the steps below. After your application is received, your group contact will receive a phone call from the YWCA about how we can help make your project a success!

1. Special Project Ideas
Find an idea for your project or come up with one of your own!  Check out our idea list.

2. Special Needs
Check out the current list of what the YWCA needs the most!

3. Special Project Application
Tell the YWCA about your project so we can help! Fill out online form now.

If you have questions or would like more information on special projects, please contact us at at webmaster@ywcaokc.org or by phone at 405-948-1770.