Diversity and Inclusion Training

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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Not only does a lack of inclusive and diverse work environments affect the entire community, but it majorly impacts the bottom-line for businesses. Businesses that do not foster inclusive environments and encourage diversity throughout their workforce, experience a loss in productivity, absenteeism, disengagement, and often a lower return. The social and emotional toll it takes on the community impacts health and safety, education, and even development. There is something business leaders can do to make their workplace and community a better place and YWCA Oklahoma City can help.

Community Outlook

  • Minority working families are 2x as likely to be low-income. -American Community Survey (ACS)
  • There are 24 million children in low-income working families; 14 million are minorities. -ACS
  • 4.1 million low-income working families have working mothers as head of household. -ACS
  • Workplace satisfaction and engagement are correlated with the degree of inclusivity.
  • $360 billion is lost every year from the low productivity of millions of disengaged employees. –forbes.com
Diversity and Inclusion Training

Inclusive Policies and Procedures will:

  • Encourage the development of a more diverse workforce
  • Increase creativity, productivity, employee presence, and demand
  • Increase staff knowledge and training about the importance of inclusive behavior
  • Send a clear message that your company values and respects all individuals
  • Creates potential for broadening the reach of products and/or services

YWCA Oklahoma City can help you understand the issue and how it affects you, your employees, and your community so you can:

  • Identify discriminatory practices in the workplace and recognize signs of unethical practices
  • Understand the impact a lack of inclusion has on productivity, engagement, and demand
  • Schedule training for HR professionals and managers about inclusive behaviors and policies
  • Provide resources for creating effective policy and procedures to assist with the transition process
  • Create effective policy using provided tools for implementation
  • Understand the benefit of promoting diversity at all levels of the business

Our trained staff can help you. Schedule a training today with Cindy Nguyen at cnguyen@ywcaokc.org or 405 948-1770