Domestic Violence Services

24-Hr Domestic Violence Hotline: 405-917-9922
24-Hr Sexual Assault Hotline: 405-943-7273
24-Hr State Safeline: 800-522-7233

Domestic Violence Services


The YWCA Community Domestic Violence Advocacy team continues to provide services to individuals on a non-residential basis during business hours. Advocates are available to assist with a variety of things including: safety planning, assisting with Victims Protection Orders, along with exploring options and resources available to meet your needs. Additionally, intakes and assessments are still being scheduled and conducted at this time. If you are a current client, your advocate is still available to assist you with case management and advocacy needs. At this time, the only service that is not available are groups; they have been suspended through the end of April. You can be connected with a YWCA community advocate by calling our main number 405-948-1770 or calling Palomar at 405-552-1010.

Domestic Violence Crisis Services:

YWCA Oklahoma City provides safety, education, and hope to victims of domestic violence in our community. Our crisis services programs are designed to help break the cycle of violence and provide victims with the empowerment they need to be self-sufficient. All programs are offered free of charge.

Our wrap around services means victims have access to advocacy, counseling, and much more whether they reside at our shelter or not. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence please call 1-800-522-7233, advocates are available 24/7.

Other crisis services programs include:

Emergency Shelter

  • The Thelma Gaylord Emergency Shelter is the only certified shelter for women and children in Oklahoma County.
  • If you or somone you know is fleeing violence in their home, please call our hotline at (405) 917-9922.

Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program (DVVAP)

  • DVVAP provides on-site assistance at the police station in filing victim protection orders and safety planning. The DVVAP director also accompanies victims to court when appropriate.

Counseling & Groups

  • Individual counseling and access to various groups provide a variety of education, support, and referral services to survivors of domestic violence.

Palomar Family Justice Center  

Palomar Family Justice Center is currently closed as precautionary steps are taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19. HOWEVER, their staff will continue to answer phones and direct clients to appropriate agencies. YWCA staff located at Palomar are also still assisting with clients.  If you have an emergency, please call 911. If you are safe, please call the Domestic Violence Safeline at 800-522-7233 and YWCA OKC staff will help you.

  • YWCA Oklahoma City is proud to house our Domestic Violence Community Advocates at Palomar. This location allows us to work under the same roof as agencies like Legal Aid, the Oklahoma City Police Department, DHS and many others.
  • Clients have one stop access to the programs they need to break the cycle of domestic violence in their lives. 

Children’s Services

  • The Children’s Counseling Programs helps children learn how to break free from the cycle of violence. They are given practical tools to help them stay safe and alternatives to continuing the cycle of violence witnessed in their homes.
  • Child Advocates offer education and support to help children avoid further victimization, verbalize feelings, learn appropriate ways to express emotions and understand what is occurring in their families.

Economic Empowerment Program (EEP)

  • EEP provides victims with career and life skills, career opportunities, mentoring, job placement and other assistance to help victims overcome the financial abuse they have experienced.

Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner (DVNE)

  • A DVNE exam is a holistic medical assessment that focuses on healing from both physical and emotional trauma after domestic abuse or assault. We strive to make Forensic Exams a therapeutic experience and help connect the patient to medical follow up and resources as needed.
  • YWCA Forensic Nurses provide trauma-informed care while documenting injuries and collecting and preserving evidence after domestic abuse or assault at the request of the patient. Patients have the ability to release their medical exam to Law Enforcement, if desired.
  • In order to assess for medical complications after strangulation, YWCA Forensic Nurses provide Strangulation Assessments that include documentation of injury, signs and symptoms, and medical referrals as needed.
  • YWCA Forensic Exams are provided free of charge.
  • If you or someone you know is in need of a DVNE exam, please call the 24 hour hotline at (405) 917-9922.