Sexual Assault Services

24-Hr Domestic Violence Hotline: 405-917-9922
24-Hr Sexual Assault Hotline: 405-943-7273
24-Hr State Safeline: 800-522-7233

Sexual Assault Services

YWCA Oklahoma City provides an array of services to help the primary and secondary survivors of sexual assault regain control over their lives. From responding to calls on our 24-hour Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline, to hospital advocacy and follow-up counseling, the YWCA is meeting the needs of hundreds of sexual assault survivors each year.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault please call 405-943-7273, advocates are available 24/7.

Our sexual assault services include:

Hospital Advocacy

Sexual Assault
  • Hospital Advocates are available 24/7 to provide emotional support, resources, and crisis services to sexual assault survivors at the hospital, in police stations, and throughout the legal system.

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)

  • YWCA Forensic Nurses provide trauma-informed care while collecting, preserving, and documenting evidence after sexual assault.
  • Collaborating with Law Enforcement and local District Attorney's Offices, YWCA Forensic Nurses provide expert witness testimony that aids in the prosecution of Sexual Assault.
  • Our community partner hospitals include Integris Baptist Medical Center, Alliance Health Midwest, and Integris Southwest Medical Center. Our partner hospitals provide waiting areas, the exam room, and supplies that insure patient comfort.
  • Forensic Exams and the associated medications are free of charge to all patients.

Adult Services (18+)

  • The Adult Counseling Program helps adults learn how to cope with sexual assault in a healthy manner.
  • Clients are given practical tools to help them stay safe as well as education and resources to help them process their victimization.
  • Adults are educated on how to avoid further victimization, verbalize feelings, and learn appropriate ways to express emotions.
  • Our Adult Sexual Assault Advocates offer education and support, such as accompaniment to police reporting or court hearings to help clients move through the healing process.

Renew Group

Renew is a recovery, education, and networking support group for survivors of sexual assault. There are 8 weekly sessions and survivors can join at any time rather than waiting for a new round to begin. Topics covered include thought distortions, coping strategies, the neuro-biology of trauma, healthy boundaries, and self-care. Prospective members should email Mikela Rhodes or call 405-948-1770 to complete the intake process and enroll in group prior to attending.

Teen Services (13-17 years old)

  • Our Teen Advocate is available to support and respond to teen victims of sexual assault at hospitals, police stations, courts, schools and any other safe and appropriate site as needed by the teen.
  • Our Teen Advocate gives teens practical tools to help them stay safe as well as education and resources to help them successfully process and cope with their victimization.

Teen Sexual Assault Support Group

Our 10 week Teen Sexual Assault Support Group gives teens practical and emotional support regarding their sexual assault, as well as the knowledge that the assault was not their fault and their reactions to the assault are natural. Our Teen Sexual Assault Support Group meets on Tuesday evenings. Please email Dina Farrell or call 405-951-3377 for more information and start dates!

Children's Services

  • The Children's Counseling Program provides children and non-offending caregivers the tools needed to cope and process sexual assault in a healthy manner.
  • Children are given age appropriate tools to help verbalize their feelings, learn new ways to express themselves, and how to effectively communicate with their caregiver.